Inelastic NSE

ultra-high resolution spectroscopy for the linewidth of excitations

Inelastic Neutron Spin Echo (NSE) is a high-resolution technique combining the triple-axis spectrometers and neutron spin echo techniques. It can be used to study of intrinsic linewidths of elementary excitations (phonons, magnons) with an energy resolution in the µeV region over a broad range of momentum and energy transfers. It is also termed “phonon focusing”. The high resolution is achieved by performing Fourier transform over the resolution ellipsoid.

The spin echo setup will “slice” the resolution ellipsoid along the direction of the dispersion of the TAS.

A small energy change in the dispersion can be encoded into a large change in the Larmor phase of the neutron spins.

It can be used to measure a small energy change or the line width of  excitations, e.g. phonon or magon.


Again, the exact resolution depends highly on the specific applications.

Maximum Time scale

400 ps

Magnetic sample


Energy resolution



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