Ultra-low Q small angle neutron scattering for magnetic sample

Similar to the Talbot-Lau interferometer, the neutron beam can be spatially modulated via the magnetic Wollaston prisms and the modulation can be used to perform the spin echo modulated small angle neutron scattering (SEMSANS). Similar to SESANS, SEMSANS can also be used to measure the inter-particle correlation function of the materials. As the neutron spin is manipulated and analyzed before the sample, it would allow depolarization samples that cannot be measured by SESANS.

A real space technique performs the Fourier transform of the conventional I(Q) function [1].

The neutron beam is manipulated and analyzed before the sample. (The analyzer has been omitted.)

Modulated fringes can be generated on the detector, the contrast change due to the sample gives the correlation function.


Length scale

50- 700nm

Magnetic sample


stronger scatter



Soft matter

Hard matter


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